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Over the last 6 decades, Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth, has survived by a hare’s breath. Her roller coaster experience in greatness has plagued her with getting-by rather than sustainable living.

Chinua Achebe once asserted that “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”.

Human history is replete with the fact that as long as the leadership question remains unresolved, the challenges of human progress will also be unresolved.

If leadership is the matter with Nigeria and indeed determines everything, including nation-building, national growth, progress and human development; then, we see the need for a joint effort to rethink and reinvent the standard and direction of leadership in Nigeria.

This understanding is the reason for establishing the NIGERIAN PRIZE FOR LEADERSHIP.

In the last 3 years, NPL has produced, 1 Prize Winner, 4 Protégés, 12 Fellows, 107 Leadership Ambassadors, 14 NLDS editions and 1 Excellence-in-Leadership Lecture.

Like every venture with a successful model, there comes a defining moment to scale up and for the NPL, especially with regards to training young Nigerians fit for leadership across the various spheres of life, that moment is here.

Our efforts in the last 2 years have been largely self-funded with minimal support from a few Nigerians. However, the task to raise young Nigerians from all states and localities who will be well-groomed in leadership on a sustainable basis is an enormous one and demands every possible resource to achieve.

Like most Nigerians, we trust that you desire a better society that promotes the development and meets the needs of Nigerians while encouraging creativity, integrity and excellence – an effective workforce prepared for enterprise and growth in every field.

As John Maxwell puts it, Everything rises and falls on leadership. Our appeal is that you join us as we set the building blocks in place to raise the New Nigerians that will build the Nigeria of our dreams.

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