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National Leadership Dialogue Series (NLDS)

The emergence of Covid-19 on the global scene disrupted the agenda of nations and the corporates. Nigeria was not spared, while the Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) became a circumstantial victim.

It was very needful that we found a creative way to take advantage of the situation instead of bowing to its uncertainties. To this end, NPL introduced the National Leadership Dialogue Series (NLDS), structured as a monthly webinar and designed to be impactful, ideas driven, and solution oriented. The Maiden Edition held on Friday, May 29, 2020. The National Leadership Dialogue Series, NLDS-002, will run from Saturday May 29, 2021 to Saturday November 29, 2021 (29th of every month).

In order to have a robust presentation and broad-based participation, NPL executes the programme with very credible partners, covering, academic, professional bodies/associations, elder/senior citizens, labour, civil society, woman as well as youth and student organisations.

The 001 Series on ‘Rethinking Leadership’ held in 2020 followed by the 002 Series on ‘Reworking the Economy’ in 2021. The ongoing 003 Series is focused on ‘Rethinking Culture‘.

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