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The Nigerian Prize for Leadership

Is an initiative of some eminent elder statesmen and women. The prize is to recognize outstanding acts of leadership, based on a clearly defined Nigerian paradigm, at various levels of society, and human interest. The prize is open to all Nigerians and will be presented to the most qualified, selected based on approved criteria and guidelines. The selection process will be consistently transparent, credible and objective as ONLY THE VERY BEST deserves and receives this Prize.

Ambassadors Leadership Programme

We recognize the efforts of many Nigerians to build a great and dynamic nation,within a free and noble society. Unfortunately, the enormous damage done to the Federal Republic of Nigeria by poor leadership over the years is incalculable. Indeed, the very fabric of our society has been deeply shaken and could be shattered, if urgent action is not taken. Hence, the wisdom of a fundamental and sustainable intervention aimed at raising high quality leaders, through the Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) initiative.

Humanity’s history has shown that as long as the leadership question remains unresolved, the challenges of human progress will also remain unresolved. Leadership is the key to development. Good leadership opens a variety of great and powerful doors. But leaders do not just emerge; leaders are raised through deliberate education, grooming and mentoring,as well as ethical training and discipline. This is why we are so determined to raise leaders of excellence, with capacity and integrity.


Inspire Nigerians to lead a life larger than self, for community, nation and humanity.


To institute and promote a truly Nigerian leadership Prize.
Leadership Ambassadors