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Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL)

NPL was instituted to identify what leadership means to Nigerians; benchmark what should represent the image of a successful or failed leader in Nigeria; determine what responsibility leadership confers on both the leader and the follower; establish a new culture of leadership in Nigeria, and ascertain how this paradigm can take centre stage in Rethinking Leadership and energising governance in Nigeria.

The Nigerian prize for leadership is an initiative of some eminent elder states men and women. The prize is to recognize outstanding acts of leadership, based on clearly defined Nigerian paradigm, at various levels of society, and human interest. The prize is open to all Nigerians and will be presented to the most qualified, selected based on approved criteria and guidelines. The selection process will be consistently transparent, credible and objective. Only the very best deserves this Prize.

The Prize is envisaged to be the highest and most credible single leadership Prize in Nigeria. It targets Nigerians of all ages who have shown remarkable and sustainable prowess, success, creativity and exemplary leadership skills in their endeavours through compelling personal, corporate, ethical and social values.


Identify and Celebrate

Identify and celebrate distinguished Nigerians who can be projected as national leadership symbols and role models for young Nigerians.


Initiate programmes and activities to deepen leadership consciousness in Nigeria.


Challenge, inspire and motivate the younger generation towards acquiring purposeful leadership skills, tools and experiences for sustainable human development and nation building.


Partner with relevant and like-minded organisations, where necessary, for implementing NPL Programmes.


Undertake research and studies that will help enrich leadership and development.

Leadership Ambassadors

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