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What Does The Winner Get

The winner of the Prize for each season will be presented with:
  • A Medal of Honour
  • A Plaque of Excellence
  • A Monetary sum, to be decided by the Board

Passing The Baton

The Winner will make a statement at the presentation ceremony of the succeeding season, sharing his experience to mark the end of his/her season and handing over to his/her successor. The Protégé Leadership Programme (PLP) is part of activities to be undertaken by each Prize Winner during the season.


The prize is open to all Nigerians, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, and field of endeavour. The process of selection and emergence of a Winner shall be consistently credible and transparent. The selection process for each season may be as follows:


 The nomination process for each season begins with a formal announcement to that effect by the Governing Board.



 A Technical Team of Experts (TTE) is constituted and engaged by the Board to set out appropriate criteria and guidelines for the measurement and assessment of nominees/entries, both for the Prize and Protégé Programme.



Commence nationwide call for entries and nominations of candidates, based on criteria and guidelines approved by the Board.



 Secretariat collates entries and nominations for the Board to constitute and engage an Assessment and Recommendation Panel (ARP) to review and shortlist the entries based on the approved criteria and guidelines.



Assessment and Recommendation Panel (ARP) presents best three entries/nominees to the Governing Board for consideration.



 The three finalists are invited to the Prize Presentation Ceremony where the Winner will be announced, and the Prize presented.



 Governing Board selects the Prize Winner for the season from the three finalists submitted by the ARP; announces the winner and presents the Prize at the Prize Presentation Ceremony.



The Prize will be presented on 12th of December each year, beginning with the Inaugural Season in 2020.