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Invitation to participate from the Chairman, Governing Board, Prof Anya O. Anya FAS, OFR, NNOM

It is our pleasure to extend this exclusive invitation for you and/or your organisation to be one of the Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) valued and eminent partners, sponsors and/or volunteers.

This unique initiative offers you the rare opportunity to consolidate both your commitment to leadership excellence, sectoral prominence, and impact on society.

We recognize, with profound gratitude, the tireless and heroic sacrifices of many Nigerians to build a great and dynamic economy, within a free, democratic and noble society. Unfortunately, the enormous damage done to the Federal Republic of Nigeria by poor leadership over the years is incalculable. Indeed, the very fabric of our society has been deeply shaken and is about to be shattered, if urgent action is not taken. Hence, the urgent wisdom of a fundamental and sustainable intervention aimed at raising high quality leaders.

The Nigerian Prize for Leadership is an intervention by some eminent Nigerians to chart the course of a new leadership identity and culture in Nigeria; as well as use the paradigm to raise a credible successor generation of leaders for the nation, on a sustainable basis.

Unlike other efforts, the NPL comes with a Prize money offered to support the winner’s future leadership activities, including, mentoring of young leaders through the NPL – Protege Leadership Programme.

The Prize is envisaged to be the highest, most credible and most popular single leadership Prize in Nigeria. It targets Nigerians of all ages who have shown remarkable and sustainable prowess, success, creativity and exemplary leadership skills in their endeavours through compelling commitment to personal, corporate, ethical and social values.  This makes the NPL an ideal platform for your organization/institution to be seen and heard as major player in restoring leadership trust in Nigeria.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to invite you and your organisation to partner with us in this initiative. Some of the many benefits of becoming NPL Partner/Sponsor include opportunities to:

  • Enhance your personal and organization’s commitment to global leadership enablement
  • Offer a credible platform to deepen your Cooperate Social Responsibility towards public good
  • Identify and collaborate with a global network of credible leaders

If you are concerned about issues of sustainable growth and development in Nigeria and by extension Africa, then you need to identify with and support this initiative.

Prof. Anya O. Anya, FAS, OFR, NNOM
Chairman, Governing Board

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