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Nigerian Prize for Leadership




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Unlike other efforts, the NPL comes with a Prize money for the Prize Winner’s future leadership activities, including, mentoring of a segment of ‘successor generation’ of leaders through the NPL – Protege Leadership Programme.

The Prize is envisaged to be the highest and most credible single Leadership Prize in Nigeria. It targets Nigerians of all ages who have shown remarkable and sustainable prowess, success, creativity and exemplary leadership skills in their endeavours through compelling commitment to personal, corporate, ethical and social values.

One (1) person per season (per year)


No, NPL is private sector driven; it is an initiative of Leadership Advancement Foundation (LEAF), driven and promoted by some eminent Nigerians who comprise members of the Governing Board. However, being a Pan Nigerian project, the Prize will be willing to partner with government at any level to achieve its desired objectives, as may be considered appropriate by the Governing Board.


Funding will be through grants, supports, donations and sponsorship by Organisations or Individuals and Partners



Our Programmes Since Inception Have Been Largely Self-Funded With Minimal Support From Few Nigerians. However, The Task To Raise Young Nigerians From All States And Localities Who Will Be Well-Groomed In Leadership On A Sustainable Basis Is An Enormous One And Demands Every Possible Resource To Achieve.

The Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) is open to all Nigerians of every age. In addition, it runs a Protégé Leadership Programme (PLP), targeted at young persons between ages 18-35 years old.

The winners of PLP will be attached to the winner of NPL for a season. There will also be an International Leadership Clinic and Exhibition targeted at the youths. This is intended to be a forum that brings together outstanding leaders from within and outside Nigeria, to showcase and share their ideas and thoughts on leadership with young people, covering trends, principles and applications.

NPL is passionate about youth development and has designed other programmes targeted at the youths, to be unveiled as time goes on.

The Prize presentation ceremony holds on December 12 of each year, beginning from year 2020.


The Prize is presented annually, after a careful, meticulous and rigorous process that begins with setting out the selection criteria and guidelines by an independent Technical Team of Experts (TTE), to precede call for entries/nominations. Collated entries and nominations will be assessed by another independent Assessment and Recommendation Panel (ARP), before the Governing Board considers and decides on the final outcome.


NPL is an ideal platform for you and/or organization/institution to be seen and heard as a major player in building leadership trust in Nigeria For more please visit our Get Involved Page

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For more please visit our Get Involved Page

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The Prize Is Open To Nigerians Of All Ages Who Have Shown Remarkable And Sustainable Prowess, Success, Creativity And Exemplary Leadership Skills In Their Endeavours Through Compelling Personal, Corporate, Ethical And Social Values.

The Selection Process For Npl Protégés Begins With An Intensive Bootcamp For Qualified Youths as Leadership Ambassadors. Qualified Ambassadors are thereafter enlisted for a higher programme to qualify as Fellows. It is from the rank of Fellows that the final process is conducted to select the Protégés. The Protégés are thereafter attached as ‘apprentices’ to the NPL Winner for the year.