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Protégé Leadership Programme

As Ralph Nader said, “the function of leadership is to show the way and produce more leaders not more followers”, NPL recognizes that Leaders do not just emerge automatically; but are raised through deliberate education, grooming and mentoring, as well as ethical training and discipline; hence. In addition to setting the template for true leadership in Nigeria through the Prize, NPL engages a diversified group of young Nigerians between the ages of 21 and 35 years in Protégé Leadership Programme (PLP), with the focus to groom a credible successor generation of leaders with the right values, mindsets, and character for 21st century competitiveness.


The selection process for NPL Protégés begins with an intensive bootcamp for qualified Youths as Leadership Ambassadors. Qualified Ambassadors are thereafter enlisted for a higher programme to qualify as Fellows. It is from the rank of Fellows that the final process is conducted to select the Protégés. The Protégés are thereafter attached as ‘apprentices’ to the NPL Winner for the year.

To qualify as Leadership Ambassadors, young Nigerians are invited through an application process and those selected participate in a one-month-all-expense paid Leadership Ambassadors Program where they unlearn, relearn and practice Leadership in an ideal Nigerian context. Each week is focused on a theme, namely, Principles of National Development; Entrepreneurship: The Heart of Nation Building; Leadership that Matters; and Soft Skills for Effective Leadership; with sessions led by exceptional Nigerians from various walks of life.

2021 saw the emergence of the first set of Protégés whose training process began in November 2020.

The 2nd set of Leadership Ambassadors emerged in December 2021.

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