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International Leadership Clinic

There will be an Annual Leadership Clinic and Exhibition preceding the Prize Presentation each season.

This is intended to be a forum that brings together outstanding leaders from within and outside Nigeria, to showcase and share their ideas and thoughts on leadership with young people, covering trends, principles and applications. While each Clinic will incorporate different perspectives on human development, organizational performance, nation building, with leadership and culture, aimed at creating a new leadership paradigm for the Nigerian ‘replacement generation’; the exhibition on the other hand provides for a marketplace of new thinking and innovative solutions across different layers of society.

Individuals and organisations will be invited to exhibit their unique leadership skills and concepts as a means of promoting successful and innovative hands-on leadership models in Nigeria.

The Clinic will also feature a review of leadership achievements and activities of the Prize Winner for the outgoing season. The protégé attached to the Prize Winner will have the opportunity to present a leadership project embarked upon during the season.

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