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Let us forget our differences…

— Nnamdi Azikiwe

Recent Event

Inauguration of TTE For NPL

Inauguration of Technical Team Of Expert ( TTE) for The Nigerian Prize For Leadership by Professor Anya O. Anya, Ph.D(Cambridge), D.SC(Hons), D.Litt(Hons), FAS, OFR, NNOM, Chairman, Governing Board Nigerian Prize For Leadership

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Nigerian Prize for Leadership profile

NPL Call for 002 ALP Application and Prize Winner Nomination

For more information, download the document below:

ALP 002 Entry Notice

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The Credible Successor Magazine

The Credible Successor Magazine was birthed from the purpose of the Ambassadors Leadership Program (ALP) of the Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) which is “Raising a Credible Successor Generation.” The purpose of this magazine is to pass the lessons learnt and other ideals to our generation.
The Credible Successor Magazine stands firm on these ideologies:

  • Nigeria First
  • No-excuse Leadership
  • Active youth participation
  • Living a life larger than self

The Credible Successor Magazine will raise a Credible Successor Generation through the right information.